Playing With Shadows

Gazing out of the window in work on Wednesday I noticed the sunlight streaming through the various structures outside and creating interesting shadows and patterns. I liked how these shadow patterns overlapped and sat alongside the existing patterns in the landscape. Luckily I had my camera on me and ran out to take some quick shots.


The Hepworth Wakefield

It would be daft for me to write about big, industrial, urban structures without mentioning the Goliath concrete building which I work in.

The Hepworth Wakefield opened in May last year, it’s unapologetic concrete facade has divided opinion locally and gained national recognition as a very impressive architectural feat. Many feel that the pigmented, compressed concrete cubes resemble a bunker or prison, personally I love it. It has a solid, industrial feel to it which sits well next to it’s red brick mill neighbours and contrasts perfectly to the weeping willows and flowing water of the River Calder, which it seems to effortlessly float in.

This weekend I visited the gallery as a visitor, not staff, for the first time. This gave me the opportunity to explore the building with a new approach and to finally take some pictures. I’ve chosen to not focus solely on the building but to show the context in which it sits and the surrounding area, which to some may seem run down, but which I believe is interesting and inspiring in it’s own way.

I’ve included here some of my favourite shots from the day.

Tetley’s Brewery

I paid a visit to Tetley’s Brewery in Leeds. This was my first trip to the brewery since it closed last year. The brewery opened in 1822, it’s main product being Tetley’s Bitter. The closure of the brewery was announced in 2008 and  it eventually closed it’s doors in June 2011. Driving past the site last week I noticed that demolition had begun and wanted to start documenting the sites transformation. I was sad to see some historical, industrial buildings had been reduced to rubble. I intend to keep an eye on the develop of this site and I’m interested to see how much of the original structures will remain.

Although sad to see the deconstruction of the site, I’m excited and intrigued by the prospect of a new, large, contemporary art space in Leeds.

Here are some of the pictures from today’s trip…

Urban Decay

I firmly believe that there’s beauty to be found all around, not just in the columns of a classical structure but in the stairwells of an office block or the sun shining through scaffolding to cast structured shadows on the concrete.

My interest in urban and industrial structures started at the age of 15 with an art project I entitled “Urban Decay” (imaginative I know). I was fascinated by the textures and patterns I found in abandoned and derelict buildings. Pieces of rust, crumbling bricks, exposed framework…

My interest in industrial, abandoned and derelict buildings has grown over the years. I get my kicks from disused factories, houses waiting to be demolished, construction sites and 60s office blocks.

Keep an eye out here for my musings and photographs, possibly even some original artwork if I’m feeling particularly motivated.

For now, have a look here to see what I’m on about , these guys are a total inspiration to me and if I can ever produce work that captures even half of the sense of abandonment, isolation and beauty that their photographs do, I’ll be   very proud.

Ballroom, American Hotel

Copyright - Yves Marchland and Romain Meffre